The Sensational Chitral Valley Travelogue – Call it a Travelogue or a Memoir!

The Sensational Chitral Valley Travelogue

Travelogue writing dates back to antiquity. In old times, the sages & elders in the families used to relate to their off-springs as first-person-account of their journeys. Over the years, travelogue has acquired a level of art. It is a tedious but exceedingly rewarding experience in the end. Writing a travelogue is like gathering raindrops […]

4 Days Tour To Kumrat Valley | Travelogue 2022

Kumrat Valley tour

“Kumrat Valley, It’s beautiful – it’s Pakistan.” Words cannot describe how much I loved the four days I spent in Kumrat Valley, but I will still try to pen down my experience to share it with you. In simple words, I had the most adventurous yet soulful experience that I will cherish for a lifetime. […]