Fascinating Cultural Diversity

All You Need to Know About The Vibrant Cultural of Pakistan

All You Need to Know About The Vibrant Cultural of Pakistan
The culture of Pakistan exudes diversity and vitality in all aspects, whether it is ethnicity, languages, music, crafts, or even food.

Ethnic Groups

Pakistan is home to multiple ethnicities based on region, religion, language, and culture. Few of the existing ethnicities include Baloch, Brahui, Sindhi, Punjabi, Muhajir, Saraiki, Memon, Kalashi, Balti, Wakhi, Afghani, Kashmiri, and Hindkowan.


According to a website about languages, Ethnologue, 74 languages are spoken in Pakistan; Urdu being the national language. Of these 74 languages, the main provincial languages are Pashto (Pakhto), Sindhi, Punjabi, and Balochi. Few other widely spoken languages are Brahui, Saraiki, Balti, Hindko, Kashmiri, Gujari, Shina, Burushaski, Wakhi, and Khowar.


The music culture in Pakistan is rich and diversified, an eminent treasure that every Pakistani feels proud of. Among so many forms of Pakistani music, the world-renowned is Sufi music, Qawwali, and Ghazal, where legendary singers like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Mehdi Hassan, Noor Jehan, Sabri brothers, left their mark on the audiences globally. In contemporary forms of music, Rahat Fateh Ali, Atif Aslam, and many others have produced some remarkable music that audiences like worldwide. Music is not confined to classical genres, the musicians in the past and nowadays quenched their passion for music by exploring pop, rock, jazz, folk, blues, and country.
Folk music, an intrinsic part of Pakistani music, has produced legends such as Abida Parveen, Atta Ullah Khan Esakhelvi, Reshma, Arif Lohar, Allan Fakir, and Shazia Khushk.

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The crafts of any country show the exuberance and audacity of its people. The crafts culture of Pakistan, like all other aspects of cultural heritage, are imbued with diversity. A plethora of art forms can be witnessed in Pakistani handicrafts and art pieces. The Pashmina from KPK and GB, embroidery work from Punjab, Rilli and Ajrak from interior Sindh, handmade rugs and carpets from Balochistan, calligraphy, the truck art, copper work, silverwork, jewelry, pottery, and wood carving, to name a few, epitomize the diversity in craftwork. Pakistani artisans are renowned globally for their skillful work that is appreciated all over the world because of its uniqueness.