Arang Kel


Arang Kel is a piece of paradise found on earth known as the “Pearl of Neelum Valley”

In a Glimpse:

Arang Kel is a piece of paradise found on earth known as the “Pearl of Neelum Valley”. It is a small village situated in Kashmir, 2 kilometers from Kel, at a height of 8,379 feet. One has to use a chairlift or hike to arrive at this mesmerizing place. It takes almost one or two hours to get there. The domestic government ensures that people reach their destinations safely through chairlifts.

It is an eye pleasing spot with an exceptional landscape immersed in lush greenland and colorful flowers. Walking around at Arang Kel fills one with a feeling of peace and stillness. Getting to breathe in this clean air refreshes one from the inside-out. What makes it a magical destination is the fusion of natural beauty, serenity, thrills, and a glimpse at a new culture. 

Arang Kel Weather

The village of Arang Kel is located on a mountain, so the weather in the summer is delightful, and in the winter, it is quite chilly. A cool breeze keeps blowing, making the atmosphere pleasant. The beauty of this place reaches its peak at night when the sky turns dark blue and gets lit with stars, with the full moon shining brightly.  

Things to Enjoy at Arang Kel

Arang Kel is full of wonders and surprises. This hidden gem is an ideal spot for adventure enthusiasts. It will take you on a roller coaster ride of excitement and amusement. Explore a place that has endless mysteries and keeps you captivated throughout your stay, and rejoice in the charms it offers:

Dreamy Treks

If you are fond of discovering places at great depths, then taking a hike in Arang Kel will bring you tremendous joy and everlasting memories. The trail leads you to the tall trees of the forest, adventurous paths, and mind-blowing scenes. This breathtaking experience will enrich your soul.

Mighty River

During hiking, there are two routes; one that goes from the side of the forest and the other from the river side. The river at Arang Kel activates all your senses, and it unwraps the sweet sounds of the flow of water, the awe-inspiring pure waterstream, and beautiful trees that are a treat to watch.

Lush Greenery

Arang Kel is a special part of Neelam Valley that stuns the eyes with its splendor. It is popular for its meadows and has such a soothing aura that one can literally forget about their troubles, challenges, or mundane issues of everyday life. It takes one to a completely different dimension of relief and comfort. It gives you the sensation that your past and future are behind you, and what you are experiencing in the moment is a story of true bliss. 

Arang Kel Chair Lift

If you’ve never had the chance to take a ride on a chairlift, then Arang Kel will convince you to experience it. From the top, one can grasp a bird’s-eye view of the hypnotic landscape, as the chairlift is 200+ feet high. Six people can use the chairlift at a time, and move from one side of the valley to the other in less time as compared to hiking.

Mountains Glory

Nature has beautifully painted everything with its magnificence. The mountains are no exception and present a unique sight when snow shines on them during sunrise. Relishing each and every second is worth it. During your tour, plan some days to wake up early in the morning and cool your eyes with the spectacular greatness of Arang Kel. 


In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we don’t get to observe nature fully. A trip to Arang Kel is an opportunity that one must seize to live in the moment and enjoy the delights of natural beauty. Whether you are planning a solo trip or one with the family, bring a tent with you for camping. The sky here presents a totally distinctive display. It spellbinds you with the twinkling stars and the exotic shades of the blue. 


With a bone fire, you can relish the warmth of the night while experiencing a subtle cold breeze that numbs your worrying mind and helps you relax. BBQ may also be done for dinner. You can spend the night in a way that pleases you, either chitchatting with your loved ones or just sitting silently by yourself if you are traveling alone. 

Horse Riding

The locals at Arang Kel deeply care for their horses, and tourists love to take a ride when they visit these attractive meadows. Horseback riding will reveal some really fascinating sites that will last forever in your memory.  

Snowfall and Skiing

If you are a snow-lover then you should visit Arang Kel during the winter. The icy feelers and snow falling gradually take you to la-la-land which you usually don’t witness much if you live in areas where snowfall feels like a dream. Skiing on hills covered with snow is quite fun-filled and extinguishes your thirst for adventure. This place doesn’t have reliable climate conditions and can become extreme at times, so if you are cold-sensitive then it’s better to take a tour during the summer or spring.

Photographers’ Passion

Photographers have a natural instinct to capture ravishing images of all sorts of grace. Arang Kel fulfills the passion of photographers to take pictures from the perfect viewpoint because it has endless and timeless beauty to record.

Amenities at Arang Kel

This destination welcomes visitors and tourists, providing them with the following facilities:

Guest Houses: At Arang Kel, you don’t have to worry about the close-to-perfect accommodations. Musk Deer, Wanderlust, and Elysium are the most commonly acquired guest houses by tourists during their stay.

Restaurants: Whether you are Mediterranean food lover or a big fan of American food, Indian food, or Chinese cuisine – the restaurants at Arang Kal – Mustafa Palace, Rose Palace, and Pak Kashmir Hotel offer unique flavors to satisfy your cravings.

Cultural Accessories: You can explore the market there and buy from their exotic collection of dresses, jewelry, art, and crafts. 

Best Time to Visit Arang Kel

If you are curious to witness the full sparking phase of Arang Kel, then pay a visit to it in the summer or spring, between the months of April and October. Only a few people come here when it snows or rains heavily. So, in this way, you can decide what suits you best according to your liking for embarking on this entertaining venture. 

Nearby Attractions

There are a lot of alluring spots near Arang Kel that you should not miss. Taobat Valley covers a distance of 39 kilometers from Kel. This place is also a wonderful destination and is enveloped in lavish beauty. Shardah PeethGurez Valley, and Chitta Katha Lake are other amazing stopping points that are a few hours drive away from Arang Kel.


Arang Kel is a go-to spot in Neelam Valley, Kashmir, that is an unwinding, chilling, and fun destination. Put this place on your travel checklist for an exciting and exhilarating adventure!

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