Biafo Glacier


In a Glimpse:

Biafo Glacier is a vast glacier in the Karakoram mountain range in Shigar district, Gilgit Baltistan, spanning over an area of 67 km. The natural attraction of this glacier is that it meets the Hispar Glacier to form the longest flow of glacial system outside the polar regions of the world at an altitude of 5,128 at the Hispar La (pass) giving birth to Snow Lake which is not a lake but a huge snow basin – one of the largest in the world with a depth of 1600 meters – out which both the glaciers flow connecting the two mountain kingdoms of Nagar and Baltistan.

The strenuous trek route to Biafo Glacier, Gilgit Baltistan

How to get there:

Only accessible for a short period during summers, Biafo glacier is located at a trekking site and the track takes several days to complete offering the trekkers a strenuous route.

What to do there:

Acting mainly as a trekking destination, Biafo is one of the most remote adventures in the world which was first discovered by the English trekker Martin Conway and the one who gave Snow Lake its name describing it as:

“Beyond all comparison the finest view of mountains it has ever been my lot to behold, nor do I believe the world can hold finer.”

Discovered by Martin Conway, Biafo Glacier is one of the isolated adventure sites in GB

Snow Lake lies at the head of Biafo glacier and the foot of Hisper glacier, accentuated by the presence of gigantic peaks of BainthaBrakk or Ogre and the Latokk group.

There are established campsites on the Biafo Glacier edges requiring a daily hike of around 6-7 hours.

Moving up the surroundings, you will observe a shift from lush green to sandy and the rocky campsites. Biafo is mostly a smooth glacier but the route includes a lot of boulder hopping making it hard work to keep going.

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