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Bird Aviary- Islamabad

Bird-Aviary-At First Glance

The close relationship of men with nature is inseparable as Mother Nature plays an integral part in various stages of the human life cycle and nourishes one’s personality and soul. With that in mind, building wildlife parks are trending in the significant metropolitan areas, which are generally deprived of the enormous privilege of closeness to nature. In wildlife parks, bird aviary is the heart of all attractions, one of the best places to visit in Islamabad.
As famous Nature Historian David Attenborough once stated,

“Everyone likes birds. What wild creature is more accessible to our eyes and ears, as close to us and everyone in the world, as universal as a bird?”

Third-Largest Bird Aviary in World: Lakeview Park (Islamabad)

One of the most famous wildlife parks, Lakeview Park of Pakistan is located in Islamabad capital. It has a large bird aviary at its heart. Spread over 3.8 acres, the bird aviary has a unique status. It is the third-largest bird aviary globally and slightly smaller than the other two (Malaysia and South-Africa).
More than 5000 birds of 280 different species are the main attraction for visitors in the park and a significant tourist attraction in Islamabad.

The beautiful parrots in bird aviary, Lake View Park, Islamabad

History and Management of the Bird Aviary in Lakeview Park

Capital Development Authority (CDA) initiated this bird aviary project and completed it in 2013. The aviary is managed by Islamabad Bird Park, which takes care of birds, their wellbeing, and health as the topmost priority.
Large spacious cages are installed for birds to fly and eat quickly to ensure comfort and ample space for living birds. Simultaneously, the visitors can roam in the bird enclosure freely. Moreover, inside the bird enclosure, there is a pond to see the aquatic birds swimming.

Things to do at the Bird Aviary in Lakeview Park

The bird species in the lake park aviary vary from small birds such as pigeons, doves, parrots, ducks, etc., to eye-catching attractive peacocks, pheasants, cranes, and ostriches. Of course, the crowd favorites, such as white cockatoo, crown-cranes, and green-winged macaw, must be seen. 
For the visitors, the following activities are fun to do at the bird aviary
●  Photography with Birds (Selfies, Family pictures, etc.)
 Offer the birds food
 Visit Rawal-lake near the bird aviary (facilities like boat-riding is present)
 Read actual historical facts regarding each bird species

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