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Chattar Park Amusement Travel Guide

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At a Glance

Chattar Park is located approximately at a distance of 20 km from the Red Zone Islamabad.
The place is prominent because of the scenic view it offers. However, the most beautiful thing about this Park is its location as it is situated in the middle of Islamabad and Murree.
It has a lot to offer as a family amusement park, as picturesque walks, tranquility that touches your soul, and other appealing amusement activities. In addition to this, you can enjoy a mesmerizing view while looking at the softly running stream, waterfall, and the mountains surrounding the whole area. In short, Chattar Park is the best place to visit that cannot be ignored while planning for any trip to the outskirts of Islamabad.

Available Amenities

All the basics, such as a good parking area, refreshing centers, and food stalls, are available at this place. The location is highly prominent for enjoying and capturing view. Many visitors shared their experiences of relishing lush green views and feeling the pleasant fresh air.

Chattar Park, Islamabad

There are multiple things that you can enjoy while visiting the place. There are mechanical rides (train, merry-go-round, bump the cars and ship), a horror house, a snake house, a mini bird aviary containing peacocks and roosters, and parrots. You can also enjoy swimming in the river flowing through the Park.
For refreshment, various small stalls sell food items to fulfill the needs of the visitors.

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