Daman-e-Koh Travel Guide

Bird’s-eye view of alluring Daman-e-Koh, Islamabad

In a Glimpse

Indeed, a place surrounded by serenity and stunning views that captivate you all along the way when climbing up the rolling hillside to reach the garden of Damn-e-Koh in the middle of the hillside. 

The place provides:
 A breathtaking sight of Islamabad city.
 Mainly featuring the highlights like Shah Faisal Mosque.
 Rawal Lake.
 Newly developed Seventh Avenue that drives you to make it to the hill park.

However, the fame of the place is in its panoramic view of the whole city. 
Its name is derived from the conjunction of two Persian words, Daman and Koh. Daman means foot, and Koh means hill, when combined, gives the meaning of “Foothills.” Damn-e-Koh is on the midway to the hilltop viewpoint, Pir Sohawa. Damn e Koh is at an elevation of about 2400 ft from sea level and around 500 ft from Islamabad. 
A glimpse of wildlife can also be seen there, as monkeys are commonly frolicking around the gardens. The spot is full of Charismatic sights that are the major tourist attraction in Islamabad.

Captivating view of Daman-e-Koh mesmerizes the visitors

Available Amenities

The binoculars are installed to observe the profound depths of the natural scenery and panoramic view of Islamabad. The site mesmerizes the visitors with its vast green lawns and walking trails. Likewise, the fresh air seeps deep into your soul and immensely soothes your nerves; equally delightful to the eyes whether visiting in the rain or going to observe the sunset.
The beauty of the place is enhanced by elegant decor, flowers reeling with the wind, signboards with guidance and the original map of Islamabad, and well-maintained cleanliness. Besides, the spacious parking area, refreshing centers, and food stalls are also available. 

Things to do at Daman-e-Koh

Multiple things can be done while visiting the place. The hikers usually hike the mountain to reach the viewpoint, exploring the different trails instead of the road. People often choose this enchanting place for photography as well. With this, it is an exceptional place to have a picnic with family and friends.
Last but not least, it has always remained on the list of prominent places of Islamabad because of its panoramic view and has managed to capture the attention of tourists. Daman e Koh, no doubt, is one of the best places in Islamabad. It would be unjust not to visit Daman e Koh when you are burdened and finding an escape. 

Daman-e-Koh, Islamabad

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