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Gondrani Cave: A Mysterious Archaeological Site in Balochistan 

Gondrani Caves Pakistan 

Renowned as the House of the Spirits, Gondrani Cave Holds Thrilling Secrets for Exploration. 

Gondrani is a historical site which is also named as Shehr-e-Roghan. Other popular titles used for this destination include the Cave City of Lasbella, the Cave Dwellings of Gondrani, the House of the Spirits, and the town of Mai Goudrani.

Gondrani is a special destination surrounded by mountains and filled with ancient man-made caves. At first, Gondrani had around 1,500 caves, but only 500 of them still exist today. The tough weather in the area has made many caves disappear over time and the exisiting ones are in a wretched state as no initiatives have been taken for safeguarding the site due to inadequate understanding of this ancient place. 

One amazing aspect of Gondrani is the Kurd River which flows through the middle of the valley. This river makes the place even more beautiful and adds to why Gondrani is such a special destination in Balochistan.

Geographical Location

Located in the Lasbella District of Balochistan, Pakistan, this site is a secluded spot that lies 20 kilometers north of the historic town of Bela and is situated 218 kilometers away from the bustling city of Karachi. 

Peeking into the Past

Gondrani Caves Tour

Looking back into history, we learned that a long time ago, a group of Buddhists built these caves for meditation and performing their religious rituals. The special feature of this place is its uniquely carved mountains that connect all the caves. Some pathways and alleys go through the valley at different heights.

The ancient societies who resided here had small rooms with fireplaces and lamp holders. Once you visit these caves, you will witness these old parts showing how well the ancient people built their homes. 

Association with the Legends

Gondrani has some folk stories affiliated to it through generations. One tale is about a king’s daughter, Badiul Jamal, during the time of King Solomon. Demons troubled her, and many heroes offered support but all was in vain. Finally, Prince Saif-ul-Muluk defeated the demons and saved her. 

Another story says that evil spirits in the mountain would harm the people of Gondrani. A wise woman named Mai Balochani protected the people of town by offering her life to wipe out the demons. According to another narration, she purified the town from evil spirits and dwelled there until she passed away. People built a shrine at her burial place, honoring her memory. 

Best Time to Visit Gondrani Cave

The ideal time to visit Gondrani Cave is between October and March, when temperatures are milder. The weather is more pleasant during this time. The summer heat can be extremely strong in Balochistan, so traveling during the colder months ensures a more enjoyable experience. Furthermore, the scenery is greener during these months, which improves the overall attractiveness of Gondrani. Exploring the cave city in autumn or winter allows visitors to fully appreciate the historical and natural beauties of this interesting Balochistan location.

Practical Tour Tips for Guidance

● Plan a daytime trip to Gondrani Cave in Balochistan as it becomes very dark and unsafe to travel at night on the bumpy road with no proper lighting. 

● Carry a physical map when exploring this tourist attraction as it is a good idea to stay prepared in case of your phone’s battery dies.

● The weather in Gondrani is usually hot and dry, so bring extra water bottles during your tour to this cave city.

● It is recommended that you bring your own food if you plan to fully enjoy your visit.

Nearby Attractions

Gondrani Cave has splendid spots close to its location that will make your overall trip amazing and worthwhile. Don’t miss out to visit Bolan Pass, Astola Island, Kund Malir Beach, Pir Ghayb Waterfall, Gwadar Port, Ormara Beach, and Hingol National Park that are treasure trove destinations of Balochistan and yearn to be discovered.

How to Reach Gondrani Cave

To get to these ancient caves in Balochistan, you need to take the RCD Highway (N-25 Highway). If you are taking a road trip from Karachi, it takes about 3 hours to reach this interesting tourist spot in Balochistan.

After crossing the Bela town, you’ll be on Gondrani Cave Road. The road is not smooth, and there’s no proper surface. As you drive, you’ll see wide views of the empty valley, and sometimes you might spot streams from the Kurd River. 

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gondrani cave

Wrapping Up

Gondrani Cave is a mystical destination that will excite the soul of archaelogy lovers and fulfill the exploration desire of adventurers. Watching this old place takes you to a historical trance, giving you deep insights into the living patterns of ancient citizens and characteristics of their society. Also, the nature’s beauty enveloping this place serves as an awe-inspiring discovery for the visitors.

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