Jallo Park


The park was once a reserve forest that provided lumber and fuel wood.

Jallo Park Travel Guide

The mesmerising view of Jallo Park, Lahore

In a Glimpse:

Lahore is a beautiful and happening city, and not many people would imagine finding a peaceful corner in the city. Yet, the provincial capital is known as the ‘City of Gardens’. There are many green areas to explore throughout the city if you’re seeking a peaceful location to unwind and observe nature, but none compare to Jallo Park, Lahore’s largest park. It is more than just a gorgeous place with beautiful flowers; it’s also home to one of the city’s largest wildlife parks and a Wildlife Breeding Center.
“The Park has been designed as a theme park with a blend of cultural, educational, and amusement facilities,” according to Punjab’s Forest, Wildlife, and Fisheries Department. This spot should be on your bucket list if you enjoy nature. As already mentioned, this park contains a diverse range of exotic wildlife, including birds, insects, and other animals, and it spans 461 acres and is a place worth visiting.

Creation of Jallo Park:

The recreational location, run by the Punjab Wildlife and Parks Department, was founded in 1978 and contained a forest research facility, a wildlife breeding center, a theme park, a sports complex, restaurants, and more. The park was once a reserve forest that provided lumber and fuel wood. Currently, the park is home to over 120 different tree and plant species.

Climate/Weather Condition:

The weather in Lahore usually hikes up to at least 40°C in summers and falls to 7°C in winters. However, the spring is generally delightful with a temperature of 20°C.
What better time to visit a serene garden than in the spring? Winter, on the other hand, is also not an unpleasant season to visit.

How to get there:

Jallo Park is located on Jallo Road, which eventually links to Canal Road. It is close to both the Grand Trunk Road and the Lahore Ring Road. To the south of the botanical garden is Barki Road. Sky Land Water Park, Sozo Water Park, and Shalimar Gardens are some of the neighboring attractions. In the meantime, Allama Iqbal International Airport is a 30-minute drive away.

A beautiful view of the bridge, Jallo Park, Lahore

What to Do in Jallo Park:

Visiting Jallo Park makes it a must to do the following:

● Visit the Rock garden

● Relax in the Aesthetic Man-made lake and waterfall

● Flower-strewn lawn and gardens

● Boating

● Butterfly house

● Wildlife park for learning purposes

● Log huts for people who want to extend their visit

● Summer huts and pavilion for picnics

● Children’s swings, water slides, and rides

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Butterfly house of Jallo Park:

Jallo Park’s butterfly house is the first of its kind in Lahore and the botanical garden’s main feature. According to officials, it is Pakistan’s first-ever butterfly house and acts as a source of education and enjoyment for the citizens. The house is a 300-foot tunnel that provides the best environment for insects. Inside the tunnel is a butterfly laboratory that serves as an educational tool by informing tourists about the diverse species found there. The atmosphere is carefully controlled since it is critical to preserve humidity, as butterflies cannot survive in high temperatures.

The Butterfly House in Jallo Park, Lahore

The hospitality of the People and Culture:

The inhabitants of Lahore are well-known not only locally but also internationally for being both welcoming and energetic. It’s much more warm and pleasant because the majority of the residents are Punjabis. Lahore’s culture speaks for itself, with men and women who are as gourmet as they can be, as well as loud and progressive. In Pakistan, Lahore is known as Zinda Dilan e Lahore (Lively Lahorites).

A bird’s eye view of an alluring Jallo Park, Lahore

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