Karambar Lake


In a Glimpse

Ranked as the 31st highest lake in the world, at an elevation of 4272 meters, it measures 3.3 km in width. With a total area of 2.56 square km, Karambar Lake has one of the coldest and clearest blue waters amongst all lakes of beautiful Pakistan. The main lake flows into another mini-lake called the Ribat Lake which is 1 mile away from the Karambar Lake, before moving downstream towards Broghil.

Karambar Lake, 31st highest Lake in the world

The borders of this valley meet Gilgit Baltistan on one side and Afghanistan’s Wakhan corridor on the other. It is a natural attraction surrounded by snow-laden peaks, the tranquility and wilderness this place offers is an experience in itself.

Reaching Karambar Lake

The lake rests at a distance of one mile from Karambar Pass that connects Broghil with Ghizer District.

The testing hike to secluded Karambar Lake

The hike to Karambar Lake is known to be one of the top ten hiking adventures of Pakistan. Hiring a local guide for this 8-to-9-hour long hike is recommended because of the wilderness of this location that adds to the serenity of this place.

The remoteness and isolation of Broghil Valley, where this lake resides, increases the adventure level the visitors might face during their visit.

The rewarding hike to Karambar Lake

It is recommended to carry the luggage in one piece, not exceeding the weight limit of 10 kg, for which there are porters available. It is highly recommended that you carry food of your own, which you can easily get from Mastuj.

Activities at Karambar Lake

A soul seeking isolation and serenity will be delighted to visit this place, which is one of the best places to visit in the world.

The picturesque beauty of Karambar lake

The ideal situation would be to camp at night, gaze at the palettes of the sky full of stars, and then snuggle in your sleeping bag and get your much-deserved sleep, to wake up and witness the sunrise. However, if one does not plan on staying the night, the day view of the lake is equally pristine and alluring, with the colors of the lake changing throughout the day.

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