Kot Diji Fort


Kot Diji Fort: An Ancient Legacy of the Talpur Dynasty

Renowned as an Architecture Marvel of the Talpurs, Kot Diji Fort is situated in Sindh, Pakistan.

Previously named Fort Ahmadabad, Kot Diji means “Fort of the Daughter”. It is a fort of 18th Century Talpur period. It is located in Kot Diji town in Pakistan’s Khairpur District. It’s about 25 miles from the Indus River, near the Thar Desert, and at a distance of 400 km from Karachi. The fort is situated above an ancient archaeological site where remnants of the pre-Harappan Civilization have been found, that date back to 2500 to 2800 B.C.E. It is a popular tourist destination.

History of Kot Diji Fort

Mir Sohrab Khan Talpur, an eminent leader of the Talpur Dynasty founded the Upper Sindh Kingdom in 1783 and ordered the construction of the Kot Diji Fort between 1785 and 1795. The erection of this remarkable historical fort in Sindh on the land of the Indus Valley Civilization was initiated in 1795. The construction took almost ten years and the building was finalized in 1795.

This fort was built by Mir Sohrab Khan for the purpose of defense. It was well-prepared to provide powerful security and handle any invasion. As it was established at the top of a hill, it helped to keep a close look at the propaganda of the enemies. It has a record of never being attacked in its overall history.

Kot Diji Fort had a strong foundation and Emirs of Khairpur used to reside here in peaceful times. It offers splendid views around the entire region due to its magnificence.

Salient Features of Kot Diji Fort Civilization

The civilization of Kot Diji was urban. The people of Kot Diji resided in houses of mud bricks. The design of the town was identical to the Indus Valley Civilization. The city was divided into two parts: The Citadel (high land of elites) and the Lower Town.

Cultivating crops and farming were the main practices of the society of Kot Diji. They sow different crops and tame animals. Also, most of the people were great artisans and crafted bronze and terracotta pottery items. These individuals were skilled enough to design balls, bangles, beads, arrowheads made from bronze in the shape of a leaf, and well-fabricated stone tools.

The Architecture of Kot Diji Fort

The fort is built on a really tall hill, about 110 feet high, which is way above the city of Kot Diji. It’s surrounded by walls that are about 30 feet tall, making the fort quite narrow. The whole fort’s outer wall stretches for about 1.8 kilometers.

The royal gate called “Shahi Darwaza” comes first while entering the fort. It is the only gate by which you can come inside the fort. The height of the royal gate is 13 feet and its width is 10 feet. It’s crafted from hardwood having 235 pointed iron spikes to make it foolproof from the enemies’ strike. The fort has a total of 3 gates each of similar size and shape.

Inside the fort, there are three tall towers, each about 50 feet high. It also has spots where cannons could be placed and there are lots of narrow passageways for protection. Additionally, you can find a water storage area, a place to store weapons, a prison, a courtroom, many small rooms for security people, and even a small royal residence inside the fort.

Kot Diji Fort Through the Lens of Camera

Are you wondering what the complete Kot Diji Fort looks like? Let’s explore this place with Guide to Pakistan. We will take you on a visual tour of this archaeological site so you can witness the exquisiteness of this ancient fort. Have a view of Kot Diji Fort through the pictures listed below:

If you are interested in seeing the unique landscape and magnificent walls of this fort live with your eyes, then you can travel with GTP and explore.

Timings and Weather of Kot Diji Fort

This historical fort of Pakistan remains open only during day timings from 8 am to 6 pm. The weather in Khairpur is mostly hot, dry, and dusty during most months of the year. You should plan your trip accordingly so you visit at a time when the scorching heat goes down and the temperature is predicted to be cool. Also, you should leave early for the tour so you have enough time to detect the mysteries of Koj Diji Fort to the fullest.


Kot Diji Fort symbolizes the enriched and grandeur history of Sindh. It is a must-visit destination due to its significance and architecture. Travelers who are fond of historical sites will surely be captivated by this hidden gem. This fort is a treasure that adds to the beauty of Pakistan and awaits to be uncovered.

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