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Beauty and serenity of Lake View Park, Islamabad

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Lake View Park, also known as Rawal Lake Viewpoint or Rawal Lake Promenade, is a wildlife park, amusement park, and nature reserve in Islamabad, Pakistan’s Capital Territory, near Village Malpur Rawal Lake on Murree Road. It is the best place for families with young kids who love outdoor sports and thrilling rides.


The park is located along the Rawal Dam, constructed in 1962 to serve as a vital water reservoir for Islamabad and Rawalpindi. This significant undertaking, initiated during Ayub Khan’s era, aimed to meet the growing demand for drinking water in the twin cities. Known as Rawal Lake Park, it derives its name from the adjoining Rawal Dam, marking a pivotal chapter in regional water management history.

About Lake View Park

This sprawling park complex is regarded as one of Islamabad’s must-see attractions. Lake View Park can be an exciting picnic spot if you are an enthusiastic explorer who enjoys sightseeing or wants to spend some quality time with your family at the end of a long week. It is the beautiful site of Islamabad which attracts several visitors all around the twin cities. 

This park complex, situated on the banks of the beautiful Rawal Lake, includes well-kept gardens with flower beds and benches, boating and fishing facilities, picnic areas, lakeside sitting areas, and much more. 

Kids and adults taking a train-ride

Moreover, Lake View Park is home to the outstanding sports facilities of Battlefield Islamabad and Ibex Club and the famous F1 TRAXX amusement park. That means you can play paintball with your kids, rock climb, and ride amusement park rides all in one place. In addition, there is Pakistan’s most significant Birds Aviary in Lake View Park. Therefore, it has got a considerable tourist attraction. 

Fun Activities for Kids

It is also an excellent place for kids to run around, try horseback riding, go boating, ride the rides at Lake View Park, and participate in various other activities available at one of Islamabad’s best picnic spots. 

water activities in Lake View Park, Islamabad

Things to do

Weekends and school vacations are the busiest times to visit Lake View Park in Islamabad. A large festival arena is also available at the park. Throughout the year, it acts as a venue for cultural and musical activities in the federal capital. There are also a variety of refreshment centers spread around the park. They encourage visitors to enjoy some delectable snacks while taking in the park’s natural beauty and modern amenities. 

Furthermore, since the park is enormous, the visitors can explore Lake View Park by taking a passenger road train or a golf cart at reasonable rates.
 In short, you’re visiting Islamabad for business or pleasure; you must stop by this breathtakingly beautiful park complex and take in all it has to offer.

Tranquil environment of Lake View park, Islamabad

Main Features of Lake View Park 

The Main Park, F1 TRAXX, Ibex Club, and Battlefield Islamabad are the four parts of Lake View Park. 

Here are some of the most notable features of this picnic spot that have helped it become one of Islamabad’s most popular tourist destinations.
 Vast gardens with flower beds and fountains
 Spacious festival arena with a stage and seating area
 Picnic points with barbecue facilities
 Camping grounds
 Play areas for children
 Golf carts and passenger road train
 Boating facility
 Fishing facility 
 Horseback riding
 Pakistan’s largest aviary with hundreds of different types of birds
 Paintball arena at Battlefield Islamabad
 Mini Golf facility at Battlefield Islamabad 
 Rock climbing at Ibex Club
 5D Motion Ride at F1 TRAXX
 Amusement park rides
 ATV riding
 Jumping castle 
 Swimming pool
 Refreshments centers and snack bars

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