Lulusar Lake


In a Glimpse

Lulusar Lake is located in the Kaghan Valley of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in Pakistan. The Lulusar Lake rests at 3410 meters and is the primary headwaters of the Kunhar River.

Enchanting Lulusar Lake

The name “Lulusar” is derived from the word “Lulu,” which means “sparkling” in the local language, and “Sar,” which means “top” or “lake.” Together, it signifies the sparkling or shining lake at the top. Lulusar, a picturesque lake is a natural attraction in the Mansehra district which is unaffected by the pollution because of less frequently visited by tourists. However, whoever visits this place remains awe-struck by the soothing atmosphere and majestic beauty of this place. It is the best place to visit in summers on the way to Gilgit Baltistan.

The mesmerizing beauty

Amid massive mountains and lush green meadows lies the virgin lake of Lulusar. Lulusar Lake is famous for its picturesque beauty, serene environment, and being the largest natural lake in the Hazara region. It is also a popular tourist destination and a key feature of the Kaghan Valley’s natural landscape. The lake does not only changes its color throughout the year and seasons but also exhibits various hues during different hours of the day, depending on the sunlight. Because of less footfall, this place remains unaffected by pollution and litter.

The still waters of Lulusar Lake are mesmerizing

Adorned with gold and blue wildflowers and smooth pebbles – this place fills the eyes of the visitor with serenity and does not make it easy for a person to leave. The stillness of the waters showcases the reflection of the sky and surrounding mountains like a mirror.

How to reach Lulusar Lake?

Lulusar Lake is 48 km away from Naran Bazar and is accessible by any kind of vehicle, but the road remains closed for most of the year because of heavy snowfall.

: The radiance of Lulusar Lake as the snow starts melting.

There are no hotels near the lake, therefore, you can keep Naran Valley as a base camp and visit Lulusar Lake in the daytime.

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