Phandar Valley


In a Glimpse

On the road from Gilgit to Shandur pass, in Gilgit Baltistan, lies a small village in the valley of Phandar, eponymously known as Phandar Village. This tranquil village is the dream of every nomad soul wandering across the beautiful Pakistan.

The brilliant turquoise waters of the Gilgit river flowing in the middle of dense orchards and lush green fields, surrounded by enormous mountains, the valley is the best place to visit. The altitude of the valley is around 8000 to 9600 ft, and it is believed to be a hidden paradise, one of the top natural attractions in Gilgit-Baltistan.

Accessibility and Climate

Phandar Valley can be accessed from April–October. However, the ideal season to visit the valley is July-August. The exotic fruits like cherries, apricots, and mulberries are in bloom, and the fishing season is in full swing. A PTDC Motel is in the area, which is just at a distance of 5 minutes uphill walk from the lake.

The lush green fields of Phandar Valley

Fall-lovers who prefer peace, quiet and warm-colored ambiance should opt for September-October. The summer is over by then, and most of the tourists have traveled back. The trees are taking all hues of fire and temperature is declining here, with average highs of around 10-15°C.

Activities in Phandar Valley

The options are innumerable. The crazy season of trout fishing, which the locals are very fond of, is beautifully celebrated in the Phandar Village. Trout is supposed to be one of the finest fish in the northern areas, and this area is bountiful in these. However, this season ends in fall, when trout prefer to mate. Besides fishing, one can take short hikes and long walks along the village area to meet some friendly folks.

The enormity of mountains reflected in Gilgit River

You can even follow some of the shepherd tracks up the surrounding mountains to meet cattle and shepherds. The famous Shandur Pass, a uniquely ambient place, is a 2-3 hour drive away from Phandar. On your way to Shandur, you can witness a plethora of beekeeper kiosks, who sell the purest honey ever!

People and Language of Phandar Valley

The residents of Phandar are primarily Khowar-speaking Ismailis. They are educated and quite liberal as compared to the people in other remote parts of Pakistan. One can witness plenty of women walking around and boys and girls going to co-educational schools. The literacy rate is also relatively high.

The unrivaled beauty of Phandar Valley augmented by enormous mountains

Despite the liberal atmosphere, one should dress modestly and ask for permission before photographing someone.

Eateries and Hotels 

There are plenty of options to enjoy Pakistani food in the area, with many beautiful river-side restaurants and cafes. The hotels are also good, but one can have trouble getting a reservation as the hotels are packed with local and international tourists.

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