Wali Tangi Dam


Wali Tangi Dam: Flowing Waters for a Progressive Tomorrow

Wali Tang Dam

Pakistan’s Highest Elevated Dam, Wali Tangi Dam is a Marvelous Construction by the Pakistan Army.

Located in the Urak Valley within the Balochistan province of Pakistan, Wali Tangi Dam is a modest reservoir that adds to the region’s charm. Positioned just about 20 km east of Quetta, at the highest altitude of around 8,350 ft, this small dam depicts the connection between nature and community. Its purpose extends beyond its size, as it efficiently harnesses and manages the freshwater derived from the melting snows of the neighboring Zarghoon Hills, an integral segment of the Sulaiman Range. 

Sneak Peek into the History

Back in the early 1960s, the Pakistan Army built the Wali Tangai Dam to ensure access to clean water for the people of Urak Valley and Quetta. The dam serves as a giant water source, helping out the communities by providing water for both irrigation and human needs. Wali Tangi Dam has become a nerve center in day to day life of those residing in the valley.

Natural Wonders at Wali Tangi Dam

A tour of Wali Tangi Dam is like heading towards an exquisite natural wonderland. Having rocky hills with green patches and a captivating blue lake, this dam has a serene and peaceful aura. It’s an ideal spot to unwind and feel close to nature, away from the busy everyday life. The quiet surroundings give you a great chance to relax your mind and enjoy the simple beauty of the outdoors.

Activities to Enjoy at Wali Tangi Dam

Activities at Wali Tangi Dam

At Wali Tangi, you can relish picnicking, hiking, capturing pictures, swimming, and even dancing to the beat of the Dhol, a traditional drum. People perform a traditional dance of the Pakhtun culture known as Attand dance. Watching this cultural fun live is a sweet treat for the eyes. 

Best Time to Visit

The ideal period to visit Wali Tangi Dam is from March to May, when the weather is pleasant and the surrounding hills explode into bright shades of green, accompanied by blossoming flowers. This time of year is great for adventures in the outdoors because the dam’s water level is at its highest, producing an impressive reflection of the lush surroundings. The azure skies and moderate temperatures offer a perfect opportunity for visitors to fully appreciate the dam’s natural beauty and engage in a variety of recreational activities.

In a Nutshell

Wali Tangi Dam is more than just a location; it is an experience waiting to be cherished. It offers delight to both adventure lovers and tranquility seekers, by giving a canvas of spectacular views to savor splendid moments. As you leave, the dam’s wonders and tranquillity fill your heart with joy.

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