6 Lifesaving Tips For Taking A Road Trip To Travel Pakistan And Dodging Troubles

All That Travel Enthusiasts of Pakistan Say

If you have taken road trips before, I am sure, you must have learned a lot from your experience. However, I am sharing some learned lessons from my experience and some information I have gathered from Pakistani travel blogs to help out anyone who is planning on taking any such endeavor.

View of Passu Cones on the Karakoram Highway, Pakistan.

Backpacking or Road Trips

If you are backpacking to Pakistan and planning to take a road trip, then pack some energy and take out a checklist for a well-prepared road trip. However, some things come unplanned with such journeys. One needs to be prepared for every such event.

Keep reading to know how!

It is always about the journey

Your road trip to travel Pakistan doesn’t have to start and end like a race track. You might surprise yourself with lots of interesting things and unique spots while zigzagging on the map and being on the roads less traveled. When you are planning your travel Pakistan itinerary, have some free slots in between your anchor stops. This way you can take recommendations from the locals, act accordingly and cherish the perks of a visit to Pakistan. Always keep yourself open to such deviations because it is never about the destination, always about the journey.

Contemplate your driving time

You must have planned the number of days you are going to spend on your journey. While you are planning these days, always calculate the number of hours you are going to spend on the road, considering the rush hours and bumpy roads (if any). Find alternate routes in case of emergencies or inconvenience. Incorporate extra time slots for such events as well as unexpected stops along the way like detours, diners, photography sessions, etc. To cut short, have a contingency plan for such surprises.

It is essential to time your road trip itinerary

Download the essentials

Maps and playlists. You don’t want yourself wishing that you did! There might be areas where your GPS stops working. Therefore, it is imperative that you download the essentials before you head on.

What to pack? What to wear in Pakistan?

It all depends on the weather and the kind of journey you want to partake. It is wiser to pack pieces for changing weather!

  • Pack comfortable clothing which can be mixed and matched and worn in layers.
  • Snacks to settle down the cravings
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Power bank and charger cables
  • Trash bags for the car
  • Personal and car documents
Always pack smart and less on a road trip

Carry some cash on hand

You never know when you might need it. Some places in Pakistan might only accept cash especially when it comes to small towns. Therefore, some cash on hand can save you a lot of hassle and time.

The Pakistani Currency

The fuel can never wait!

Never, I repeat, never wait to fill up the fuel in your vehicle. You might think you can make it until the next gas station but sometimes you can’t. Therefore, filling up on gas way before you’re near empty is highly recommended.

The fuel tank should never be anything less than full on a road trip

There are wonders in this world that are beyond your comfort zone. Sometimes you just want to break the monotony, feel your soul, and head on to discover the pleasures and experiences this world has to offer. All you need is a wheel in your hand and four on the road  you are all good to go! Pakistan welcomes you!

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