6 Reasons Why Every Travel Enthusiast Should Visit Pakistan At Least Once

Pakistan, one of the most sought-after Travel destinations

Pakistan is the ultimate tourist attraction for people from all around the world. What does it have to offer though? Visit Pakistan and you will explore metropolitan cities like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar where the pace of life is fast-days short and nights bright and eventful. This country also possesses untold magic of culturally rich cities like Multan, Hyderabad and Quetta where history has been painted on the walls of mosques, tombs, forts and lost cities of the ancient civilizations.

Tomb of Shah Rukn-e-Alam, a historical attraction in Pakistan

Hospitality – the food for soul for Pakistani people

We, the people of Pakistan, cannot live without making you feel loved, accepted and at home! The keys which we hold to each other’s hearts are khaatir (offerings), lihaaz (extreme genteel tolerance) and takalluf (honorable aid, sometimes at one’s own expense). According to cultural and religious beliefs God sends barkat (abundance) in the form of guests. Therefore, the most underprivileged also go an extra mile to make you feel at home while you visit Pakistan!

The Adventure’s Secret

A foreign travel blogger once said about Pakistan: “Bring an adventurous spirit and an open mind, and you won’t have to find your way off the beaten track in Pakistan. The way will find you.”

Why is Pakistan an ideal country for the adventure lovers?

Well, because it possesses everything from sky touching peaks to wild rivers, and from vast deserts to lavishly green highlands. Be it difficult hikes or peaceful star gazing in the valleys, Pakistan is God-gifted in every natural way!

Although the beaches need a little bit of attention from the government and locals, there are yet many virgin beaches with cozy huts to spend the night.

You don’t need a silver spoon to eat great food

Enriched with flavors, bursting with colors, if you visit Pakistan and you miss the Pakistani food, you have missed a great deal.

Tastes which melt hearts while melting in your mouth!

From gravy dishes like Nihari, Paaye, Qorma to desserts like Kheer, Gajrela, Kulfi and Shahi Tukray, you will love every bit. The fine dines and steakhouses, the street food from a roadside small eateries, Pakistan has an immense variety of cuisines to tingle your taste buds. This is one of the major reasons foreigners feel awestruck when they visit Pakistan.

Music Etched with Tradition

Classical, jazz and pop are just starters in Pakistani music. The sounds of Bansuri and Daff in the green valleys of Northern Pakistan, the enchanting dance of locals, and folklores of fairies is a mystical experience. The Ghazals in the sugary Urdu language, the soulful Qawwalis and traditional symphonies form provinces of Pakistan are all a treat to your soul.

: Pakistani Sufi Music Icon – Abida Parveen

Diverse Culture and Fashion

From rich cultural heritage to astonishing scenic beauty, Pakistan is lavishly blessed with beauty in all forms. You will find beauty in the blue eyes of the mountain people, the embroidery stitches of shawls covering women from head to toe. 

Each wall, corner, and building is embellished with ancient architecture, stories of Sufism, myths and legends of the past and the present world. Artisans of Pakistan have weaved happiness on the borders of shawls and Dupattas, replicated their dreams on camel lamps and displayed their imaginations on wood carvings.

Timeless Pakistani handicrafts have survived through ages, every city holding its own special legacy.

The Pakistani fashion is loud, bold and diverse–every region with its own unique ethnic dressing. It includes antique ornaments of semi-precious and precious stones, handmade chappal and khussa, hand-woven shawls, bright patterned bags, leather goods, versatile turbans and burqas. When you visit Pakistan, it is a treat to roam around in the bazaars, meet people with friendly smiles, and take a trip to the architectural marvels.

A beautifully handcrafted wall hanging.

Glory of History

Not only is Pakistan enriched with traces of the first civilizations of human history like Mohenjo Daro and Taxila. It also has magnificent mosques and forts built in the Mughal Empire under the direct supervision of the kings.

Pakistan is home to United Nations World Heritage sites which are protected by the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

As they say “seeing is believing”, you ought to visit Pakistan to see these sites and experience the magnificence.

Breathtaking historical destinations in Pakistan.

Read more about the historical tourist attractions of Pakistan here

Now you know what you will experience when you visit Pakistan, the beautiful land of amazing people. No matter what goal you have to travel, Pakistan is the dream destination for many travelers. It is not just a heaven for adventure lovers or expedition enthusiasts but also for leisure travelers, history lovers, and anthropologists.

If you want to share some more reasons, why Pakistan is a tourist destination not to be missed, leave a comment!

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