Hispar Valley


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Hispar Valley (Urdu. یواد ہسپر), an assortment of the glacier, the pass, and snow lake, it is the last station in Nagar Valley, Gilgit Baltistan. At a distance of 28 km from Nagar Khas and 60 Km from Skardu Valley on the other side, it is the last valley on the trek to Biafo Glacier and one of the amazing natural attractions. Hispar Valley is also accessible from Hunza which is at a distance of 43 km.

Hispar Snow Lake

For adventure lovers and trekkers, Hispar valley is the best place to visit for a thrilling trek to Hispar glacier and Snow Lake.

Hispar Glacier is 49 km long glacier at an elevation of 3,124 meters in the Karakoram range, which meets Biafo Glacier at the pass known as Hispar La.

The Snow Lake, Hispar Valley

In the heart of the Panmah Muztagh range, Biafo glacier and Hispar glacier sprawl down the Hispar Pass in opposite directions forming a 100 km river of ice. This is the greatest glacier system other than those in the Polar Regions. The icy highway joining two ancient mountain kingdoms is at an elevation of 5,128 meters above sea level.

Accessing Hispar Valley and Hispar Glacier

The valley is within the Hispar Muztagh and is accessible through a dangerous and rugged road.  The Snow Lake and Hispar La Trek on the right bank of Biafo Glacier start from Skardu to Askole. Biafo 63 km long glacier on south of Baltoro glacier leads to Hispar glacier.

Awe-inspiring Hispar Snow Lake trek

The road that starts from Ganish village, continuing through Hispar Valley, is 41 km long, a narrow and unguarded road. The road remains snow-covered for eight months of the year because of avalanches and landslides, which are very frequent. The steep road can only be traveled in a jeep driven by adept local drivers who are familiar with the terrain.

It is the extreme sharpness of the hillsides, strenuous hike over enormous boulders, the four major tributary glaciers, and high nullahs that make traverse on Biafo- Hispar glaciers, the most difficult. Once mounted, the views of snow-covered mountains and peaks are extraordinarily impressive.

Major Attraction, The Snow Lake

Lakes are often termed as the “mirrors of mountains”, but there is a lake that reflects nothing. Where the Hispar and Biafo glaciers converge, the only snow lake, the Hispar Snow Lake is at 16000 ft. above sea level.

hispar valley

Lukpe Lawo, famously known as Snow Lake, is not a lake actually. Martin Conway, named the place as Snow Lake, as in 1892 he was the first foreign tourist exploring the lake. Martin described the place as “beyond all comparison the finest view of mountains it has not ever been my lot to behold, nor do I believe the world can hold a finer.”

The finest view of mountains in Hispar Valley

If you take the road to Snow Lake, you are going to be among few lucky individuals who have journeyed to this 16 km-wide frozen lake and witnessed this unique site.

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