Hussaini Bridge


In a Glimpse: 

Where the world has moved to new technological advancements for facilitating commute between different regions it is becoming hard to imagine anything less than Space flights or Super jets to be used in today’s world however in the Upper Hunza region of Gilgit Baltistan the inter-region remains as difficult as it was a hundred years ago. Hussaini Hanging Bridge to cross the Borit River is an example of such a commute but has become a famous tourist attraction.

Hussaini  Hanging bridge over Borit River

The bridge is considered to be the most dangerous bridge of the world by the tourists, resting at a height of 100ft from the river bed, consisting of 472 wooden planks the bridge is about 660 feet in length.


The bridge was built during the time of British occupation of the valley in Shishkat village in Gojal Valley, however, during the construction of the Karakoram Highway, the bridge was moved from Shishkat to Hussaini Village in 1968 as ordered by the Mir of HunzaMuhammad Jamal Khan to connect Hussaini village to Zar Abad village located on the opposite side of the river Borit.

Thrill seekers cross the Hussaini  Hanging bridge walking from Passu Village.

How to get there:

This exciting bridge is located on a short walk from Passu Village.

What to do there: 

Despite being dangerous and poorly maintained Hussaini Bridge has become a popular tourist destination especially for the thrill-seeking individuals looking to conquer their fears.

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