Satpara Lake


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Satpara sar Lake (Urdu: سدپارہ سر جھیل‎), impressively prominent against the rocky terrain in its surrounding, a natural lake is a major tourist attraction near Skardu Valley, Gilgit Baltistan. The lake fed by Satpara stream from the melting ice of Deosai Plains and a picturesque island in it provides you with a serene space to spend some time in tranquility.

Vibrant flowers reeling beside Satpara Lake

On the way to Deosai from Skardu, it is one of the best places to visit as you break the journey for some rest. Satpara Lake stretches over 2.5 km² at an altitude of 2,636 meters above sea level.

Accessing Satpara Lake

Satpara Lake is 7 km and a 30 minutes drive away from Skardu as you travel towards Deosai Plains.

Satpara Lake, mother nature at play

This is one of the beautiful lakes in the region you can hike around where the hike is easy. A little hiking to witness the Buddha carving in the mountain nearby and absorb the beauty around is a pleasurable activity at majestic Satpara Lake.

Satpara Dam

The Dam Project on Satpara Lake has 90,000 acre-feet to pool the water. Satpara Dam project is a multipurpose project that is aimed to produce 13 Megawatts of hydro generation along with providing drinking water to Skardu city.

Satpara dam, a significant water reservoir

It is also aimed to irrigate 15,000 acres of land. The construction of Satpara Dam downstream Satpara Lake has deepened it and the size of the lake is enlarged.

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