Uchhali Lake Travel Guide

In a Glimpse 

Uchhali Lake is located in the Soan Sakaser Valley in Pakistan’s beautiful region Punjab, in the southern Salt Range. The lack of drainage in the Salt Range is responsible for the lake’s development. Sakesar, the Salt Range’s tallest peak, rises above the lake. The lake’s water is salty and saltwater, however, it boasts beautiful surroundings. It is a major natural attraction where countless tourists visit every day. 

Things do to there

The Uchhali Lake offers boating opportunities. It’s one of the valley’s most popular destinations. Thousands of migrating birds visit the lakes in Soon Valley each year, including some rare birds like white-headed ducks from Central Asia.

Hiking trails, a cool breeze, birds chirping, and a peaceful ambiance alongside the lake can all help to rejuvenate your mind and soul. The lake is a birdwatcher’s paradise. The enchanting, enticing beauty of Uchhali Lake has made it a popular tourist attraction in the Soon valley. Many skin disorders are said to be cured by the water of Uchhali Lake.

The hospitality of the People 

The residents of this area are generous and take excellent care of this lovely location. However, they think that tourist irresponsibility and pollution are ruining the lake’s natural beauty. A little attention from the Minister of Tourism could improve the lake’s beauty as well as the rate of tourism. 

Where to stay at Uchhali Lake

AWAN Hotel Koradhi, Valley View Hotel, Mehriya Hotel, and Phulwari Rest House are some of the hotels around Uchhali Lake where tourists can stay.

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