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A spectacular village, known as Art and craft village, Shakarparian, was established in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Arts and Craft Village, Shakarparian Travel Guide

Art and craft village, Shakarparian, Islamabad

In a Glimpse

A spectacular village, known as Art and craft village, Shakarparian, was established in Islamabad, Pakistan. The village is a Potohari Organization formed by the natives in cooperation with Pakistan’s Capital Development Authority (CDA) to amplify the inter-provincial harmony.
Previously it was a small village, and a few Ghakkar families resided here, but now they have settled in different parts of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

However, the purpose of the village is to bring the craftsman from other areas of Pakistan to one place. Therefore, this village brings the artist from Tharparkar to Chitral and from Kashmir to Kashmoor all at one place throughout the year to display the indigenous arts and handicrafts. Moreover, it also serves as the central place for the South Asian Region to conduct cultural activities.

As the name suggests, the village was intended to display regional, cultural traditions and crafts. The place offers you some imposing pieces of art besides the serenity of the site. Shakarparian, at the height of 609 meters, is an area with a peaceful and green atmosphere, luring you to make yourself comfortable there.

The Amenities

The place showcases the crafts and masterpieces from all around Pakistan. Moreover, the people’s skills of various regions are exceptional, making the village a place where you can make some extraordinary memories. Therefore, it has acquired the great attention of tourists in Islamabad and outside.

Arts and Crafts Village, Shakarparian, Islamabad

Arts & Crafts Village is well maintained with an exhibition hall. A cluster of shops can be found as well. The studios for the artists are available with other refreshment facilities such as tea shops, showrooms, folk theatre, etc. With this, the facility of hostel for the visiting artisans is also established.

The place’s décor is aligned with the theme of Arts and Crafts Village, reflecting the regional culture in every aspect from architecture to ornamental pieces.
The heritage museum of history and culture located on the hills, displaying the living culture of Pakistan is in the vicinity of Arts and Crafts.

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