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Neela Sandh Breathtaking Waterfall Travel Guide

stunning view of Neela Sandh waterfall

In a Glimpse

A magnificent and breathtaking lake surrounded by stunning wildlife is called Neela Sandh. The place received its name because of its glorious view. A place that can unwind and give relaxation by an appealing nature, wide-ranging mountains, vegetation, and tall trees covers it all along the way to a waterfall. Moreover, the site provides a spectacular view of the adjoining areas. In addition, the clean, blue water shines like pearls in the daylight, making the place’s scenery stupefying and fascinating.

Locality Assessment of Neela Sandh

Neela Sandh is in Lehtrar Road, Rawalpindi District of Punjab, the province of Pakistan. It is about 25 miles away from Islamabad. The word Neela, derived from the Urdu language, means blue, as the water reflects blue color. Its depth varies from 27-50 feet deep. Therefore, Neela Sandh is a great place to have picnics as it is a calm and captivating place.

Atmospheric Conditions

The Neela Sandh is a semitropical picnic point where the weather changes according to the different times of the year. For example, during summer, from May to August, the average temperature can go from 20° at its lowest and 37° at its highest. Similarly, during winter, which is mainly November to January/February, the average temperature can start at 3° at its lowest and go up to 8° at its highest. With this, Neela Sandh is a place where rainy days are observed from time to time.

Things to do at Neela Sandh

You can do many things to explore this picturesque spot. The route is a small, well-maintained metalled road; a pleasant drive through magnificent landscape makes the journey enjoyable. On-site parking is provided with Neela Sandh Hotel where one must descend the valley to see the three beautiful ponds. Moreover, a phenomenal waterfall is formed as water flows from one pond to another. Transparent and immaculate water sparkling under the daylight adds more fascinating beauty to the view.
When it’s too hot in Islamabad / Rawalpindi in the summer, Neela Sandh water pool is a great place to go diving in cold, clear water. The location is quiet adventurous for keen explorers.

People enjoying swimming in summers in Neela Sandh Lake

The water reservoir is dangerous for non-swimmers since the depth of the water abruptly increases over a few feet, catching a non-swimmer off guard. Wearing life jackets, provided on-site, is strongly advised for non-swimmers. If you feel hungry while enjoying, there is a tiny canteen where you can get tea and beverages. Neela Sandh is a unique waterfall and the best place for enjoyment with a mesmerizing view. You can also make arrangements to bring additional things to enjoy live barbeque here; the perfect spot away from the day-to-day city buzz and having a picnic in Islamabad’s outskirts. Moreover, people often choose this enchanting place for photography as well. It is an exceptional place to have a social gathering with family and friends.

A Concluding Note for Neela Sandh 

Neela Sandh is a must-visit place, as its calmness and tranquility are found nowhere else except this beautiful place. The area has captured many tourists and visitors’ attention. Without a doubt, Neela Sandh can be considered as one of Pakistan’s most fascinating places. The site has a unique flair to make a person feel relaxed and close to nature.
Last but not least, you visit this waterfall on a weekday, it will most likely to be very calm and perfect time to swim in the water. Additionally, the place not only soothes your nerves but also fascinates the adventurers. But remember to keep it clean and do not disturb the serene beauty of this attractive waterfall. Pack your bags and dive into the adventurous journey!

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