Banjosa Lake


Banjosa Lake is one of the most charming lakes located amidst the mountains in Azad Kashmir.

In a Glimpse:

Banjosa Lake Kashmir is an exquisite artificial lake and resort situated in Poonch District of Azad Kashmir, almost at a distance of 20 km from Rawalakot. With a high altitude of 1,981 meters above sea level and 18 meters of depth, it is a mesmerizing tourist destination that captivates the hearts of its visitors.

Banjosa Lake came into existence in 1992 after the construction of Banjosa Dam, on the Jhelum River. The motive behind building the dam was to generate hydroelectricity. The lake has a total area of 1.5 square kilometers.

Enveloped by the scenic views of tall pine trees, dense mountains, and peaceful water – Banjosa Lake is no less than a delightful treat for the eyes. It is an ideal destination to unwind from the daily grinds of life and cherish a soul-refreshing and soothing experience. The place is an easy to access spot for both nationals and tourists. It is located at a distance of 160 kilometers from Rawalpindi. It only takes around 3 to 4 hours to get from Islamabad to Banjosa Lake, so one can also plan leisure time over the weekend to re-energize and spend amusing time with the family.

If you haven’t visited Banjosa Lake so far, add this place to your bucket list to take a tour of a piece of heaven on earth.

Banjosa Lake Weather

Banjosa Lake is a chilly spot in blazing weather and a freezing destination during the winter. Snowfall becomes enchanting at the outset of December, and a drop in temperature is observed to -5 degrees Celsius. While in Summers, the temperature lies between 16 degree Celsius to 25 degree Celsius. The spectacular sunset feels like a cherry on top and takes one on a memorable escape.

Nature and Wild 

What makes Banjosa Lake an exotic place to visit is it’s lush greenery, surrounded by floral plants of bright colors that bring new life to the heart. Birds chirping in a dulcet tune can take one to a magical world. While some animals add to the touch of wildlife. Shepherds are gazing at their sheep while cows are roaming around, giving off a pure, natural vibe. The sights and sounds of this lake are utterly spellbinding. Beauty lovers who are fond of Mother Nature would rejoice in exploring the wonders of this lake resort. Nature will also help them to self-reflect and serve as a good opportunity to heal themselves. 

Enjoyable Activities at Bajosa Lake

There are a variety of leisure activities to indulge yourself in. The facilities for boating, camping, fishing, and horseback riding at Banjosa Lake are full of fun and tick the entertainment box for pleasure seekers. 

Taking a boat ride while witnessing the mindblowing sunset and the ripples of the water captivates your soul and is a dreamy sight to watch. Camping is a good practice in both seasons—winter and summer—when the skies are scattered with shiny stars and laying beneath the sky feels like a sweet thrill. Fishermen can also have a good time trying their luck at hooking a fish. While horseriders can get a smooth ride to explore forests and mountains while enjoying the cool breeze touching their faces. Also, children can have their own fun by playing around and enjoying on swings or slides.

Banjosa Lake is also a fine place for picnics. As one can relish a delicious meal under the shady pine trees, wrapped in total serenity. In the evening, a bonfire can be arranged to create a cozy ambiance. This way, the night can be spent chitchatting and  laughing around the bonfire, as well as roasting chicken or Marshmallows for dinner. 

Food Fun

Banjosa Lake has a diverse range of food options, from national dishes like kabab, tika, biryani, chicken curry, and kofta to International treats like Chinese and Italian cuisine. Also, if you get cravings for street food, you will find street stalls here. This spot has different flavors of food available to satisfy the taste buds of their visitors.

Banjosa Lake Guest Houses and Huts

There are a variety of guest houses, both private and government, with rich amenities to facilitate the tourists. The people of Banjosa Lake are friendly, warmhearted, and welcoming. The guest houses at Banjosa Lake treat their guests with respect, unparalleled hospitality, all the royalty and luxury they deserve. Some of the famous ones that are most visited include:

● Hotel Night Bridge

● Heaven Dreams Guest House, Banjosa

● Gulf Palace

● PWD Guest House, Banjosa

● Local Government Guest House, Banjosa

The departments of AJK Tourism have built beautiful huts and rest rooms for the convenience of tourists. It helps tourists connect with the heritage of northern culture and witness the aesthetics of the colorful huts. 

Best Time to Visit Banjosa Lake 

During the months of summer, from April to October, this place is at the peak of its beauty because of its pleasant weather. The sun shining at the top with a slight breeze passing by makes it an ideal time for discovering the wonders of this lake and attractions close to it. The opening time for the lake during these months is 8 a.m., and the closing time is 8 p.m. This place is an all-in-one spot for everyone because it has something for everyone in it. From embracing peace to thrilling adventures – this place will leave you and your family refreshed as never before!

Nearby Attractions

If you seek to explore further delights, then visiting nearby places will enhance your adventure trip. Toli Peer has some splendid views that will take you to cloud nine, and they should surely be watched during your trip to Banjosa Lake. Located nearby is Rawalakot City, which is well known for its bazaars filled with vibrance and a culture rich in history. KotliTata PaniPoonch RiverKoyian, and Jandali are a few other attractive go-to spots during your visit. 


So, if you are planning a trip away from the hustle and bustle of the city, a visit to Banjosa Lake would be the best choice. Mesmerizing viewpoints and recreational activities will keep you engaged and interested during your stay. Get ready to experience a rollercoaster ride of magnificence and unforgettable memories for a lifetime! 


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