Manthoka Waterfall


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One of the largest natural waterfalls in Skardu Valley, Gilgit Baltistan, the musical Manthoka Waterfall has a mystic quality. The waterfall is surrounded by lush green pastures, gigantic rocky mountains, and streams sloshing fresh crystal clear water. Manthoka waterfall (Balti:منٹھق چھوپھیار) in Manthoka village, Kharmang Valley near Madhupur, Skardu is a gem in the beautiful and diverse landscape of Pakistan.

Heavenly Manthoka Waterfall

This 180 feet high eye-catching waterfall is around 75 km away from downtown Skardu and is famous for its picturesque panorama, one of the best natural attractions in Skardu. The Manthoka village serves as the base camp for routes to subdivision Kharmang. On the confluence of River Indus, this waterfall is fed by Manthoka Nala.

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Apart from the mesmerizing waterfall, there is a fish farm for trout, an interesting aspect that makes it the best place to visit for tourists and travelers. A few small kiosks and a restaurant serving freshwater trout are also tempting.

The mesmerizing waterfall

Accessing Manthoka Waterfall

The waterfall is about 5 km away as you go up the road from main Manthoka village and on the way to Manthoka Nala.

From Skardu Bazar in Skardu, the waterfall can be accessed via Skardu-Kargil Road. The route entails passage by some villages like Hussainabad, Thorgo, Parkutta, Ghasing, and Manthoka.
A stream falling into River Indus at Manthoka village has Madhupur on its east. The road alongside known as Manthoka-Madhupur takes you to Manthoka waterfall, a 6 km drive ahead.

Eye-catching view of Manthoka Waterfall

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