Minimarg Valley


In a Glimpse

Minimarg: where the mountains bathed in the glory of the rising sun receiving messages directly from the heavens, soothing air rejuvenating the entire soul and the beautiful snow swathed landscapes displaying God’s objets d’art, contribute making it the best natural attraction in Gilgit Baltistan.

Heaven on earth: Minimarg

The eye-catching sunset & colder nights bowing to receive you and take you away from the hustle of your daily life, located on the banks of River Neelum, Miniaven (a portmanteau of Minimarg; heaven) proffers you a sight worth visiting in beautiful Pakistan, a country worth traveling through, at least once in a lifetime.

Accessing Minimarg Valley

Distance from Skardu Valley to Minimarg Via Deosai Park road is 136 km, a 4 hours journey. Minimarg and its surrounding tourist attractions are accessible through Burzil Pass. About 540 Kms from the capital city of Islamabad, the route to Minimarg is full of beauty and adventure featuring tall pine trees of Abbottabad, the mighty Indus accompanying you from Thakot till Jaglot; leading you to your stargazing destination of Minimarg via Astore Valley and Chilam.

Glistening waters of Rainbow Lake

The Chronicles

Minimarg was once an ancient trade route between Gilgit and Srinagar; discontinued post-partition and later becoming one of the most hotly contested areas between the two arch-rivals of the sub-continent. The valley has its unique strategic importance wherein on one hand it leads into Indian occupied Kargil and on the other, providing a shortcut to Bandipora valley in Kashmir.

Army troops guide visitors

Major Attractions

The valley of Minimarg is the center point for exploring Domel, Chota Deosai & Rainbow Lake; the latter being famous for its scenic beauty, natural attraction, and the colorful sight that it offers. As you travel ahead from Minimarg valley through the dense alpine forests for 43 kms, around 50 mins, Domel marks the line of control in Azad Jammu & Kashmir in Pakistan.

In Domel, The Rainbow Lake, an artificial lake built by the Army is a dream to be in, where you find yourself imprisoned by nature’s grandeur. “Crystal Lake”, a natural Lake was fed into Rainbow Lake which was also meant to be a trout breeding site. One must sit with his loved ones and enjoy the lullabies sung by the lush green valley for colorful water that lies in its lap.

Neither a writer nor an orator can express what one feels in the company of colorful water and flowers, lush green valleys, towering peaks, and amidst the mist of clouds. Indeed, Rainbow Lake is a small piece carved out of the heavens to make the man realize what lies ahead.

Human Inhabitation in Minimarg Valley

You have to get permission from the Army at Chilam Chowki as the lake is in the near vicinity of LOC, wherein one can also witness the mountains of IOJ&K.

Activities at Minimarg and Rainbow Lake

Avoiding summers of the south, amidst the lofty mountains, one fascinates sitting in ultimate cabin-in-the-woods destination having comparatively pleasant weather (Approximately 13 degrees).

A cabin the woods: Minimarg

You must not miss enjoying a cup of tea in the raft placed within the Rainbow Lake while breathing in the aroma created by colorful flowers.

Camping out and sleeping in the open provides you an opportunity of sharing your tales with the fairies descending from the heavens.

Enjoying leisure in the tranquil Minimarg Valley

Several Army messes in the area (where you can get your rooms booked) also provide you an opportunity to spend quality time in a comfortable environment.

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