Sheosar Lake 


In a Glimpse

Sheosar Lake (Urdu: شیوسر جھیل) also called Shausar Lake is another jewel of Deosai in Skardu, Gilgit Baltistan region. It is towards Chillam Chowki, on the western far end of Deosai National Park, where you find this amazing natural attraction. Sheosar Lake means Blind Lake, as “Sheo” in Shina Language means “blind” and “Sar” means “Lake”.

Frozen Sheosar Lake

Sheosar Lake is reported to be 2.3 km long, 1.8 km wide, and an average depth of 40 meters, which gives it a unique significance in terms of size, altitude, and depth. Sheosar Lake, in the western part of Deosai National Park, is an enchanting lake, the best place to visit as you explore Deosai.

At 4250 meters above sea level, Sheosar is a deep lake with marshy littoral land that makes its crystal clear waters rarely approachable from few sides. During winters, Deosai Plains are snowbound, and the lake remains frozen from November to May. During spring, the blossoming flowers of a wide variety and butterflies make Sheosar Lake exceptionally beautiful. Even in summer, as soon as the sun sets, icy winds make the weather chilly.


Sheosar embodies a unique category of alpine wetlands that is the distinctive characteristic of Himalaya, Hindukush, and Karakoram mountain cordillera. The wetlands are supplied with water from melting snow from the surrounding snow-clad mountains, which is then drained into fast-flowing rivers and streams.

Cattle grazing around Sheosar Lake in summer

This largest lake in Deosai National park is also one of the world’s highest altitude lakes. The lake is amidst the landscape, clad with wildflowers and a backdrop of the mighty Nanga Parbat that appears behind it on a clear day when visibility is better.

Panoramic Sheosar Lake

Sheosar is categorized as a High Altitude Wetland (HAW) which are important ecosystems as they support biodiversity. Sheosar Lake is reported to be home to as many as 114 plant species. Of many flowers that adorn the lake, few are Robin’s eye, Ragworts, Sedum ewersii, Camanula (bellflower), and Thistle.

Accessing Sheosar Lake

The lake can be approached from two routes; via Skardu and Astore. You can travel by jeep from Skardu and reach Sheosar Lake in few hours, but trekking to Sheosar can take 2 days. The other route via Astore can be traveled in a jeep to reach Sheosar in 4 hours on a semi-metal road to reach Chillam Chowki and then Sheosar Lake. Chillam Chowki is the last inhabited area adjacent to Deosai Plains.

Activities at Sheosar Lake

The heart-shaped Sheosar Lake, with its deep crystal clear waters adorned by colorful flowers around its boundary, offers a breathtaking view, making it the best place for camping and sightseeing.

The starry nights at Sheosar Lake feature the dazzling Milkyway and shooting stars, while the days present the majestic Nanga Parbat emerging in the backdrop.

Matchless beauty, pristine Sheosar wetlands

Café/ Restaurants

You can find a few small kiosks to provide you with drinks, snacks, and tea. However, to camp and spend the night, take the food along.

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