Traversing Taobat – A Hidden Nature Treasure in Neelum Valley

Taobat is one of the oldest valleys in Pakistan, an alluring wonder of nature resting in the breathtaking landscapes of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Its cultural explorations, unseen sceneries, changing nature views, and mesmerizing landscapes are never to miss attractions. Over time, Taobat Kashmir has emerged as a heaven for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers across Pakistan. 

Despite the fact that the journey to Taobat village is not an easy one due to narrow, winding, and bumpy roads, the end point is worth the effort. The hospitality, diverse wildlife, and comfortable accommodations further add to the charms of Taobat. Situated at an altitude of 2,500 meters above sea level, it takes you far away from the daily hassles, shifts and turns, and hectic routines. 

Discovering Taobat Pakistan – A Natural Wonder

Taobat is in the heart of Neelum Valley, roughly 90 kilometers from Muzaffarabd, the capital city of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. It presents a fusion of adventure, travel filled with nature views, tranquility, and warm hospitality. The people living in Taobat Kashmir are simple, close to culture, and welcoming. Collectively, visiting Taobat is going to be an unforgettable experience. 

Neelum Valley Taobat village is accessible from various locations, for instance, Islamabad, Naran, Lahore, Sharda, and others. This particular factor further adds to its allure and attraction. 

Lahore to Taobat 

Starting from Lahore to Taobat, you will cover around 774 kilometers with a trip filled with diverse adventures. From serene countryside to modern cityscapes the trip will keep evolving. The journey from Lahore to Taobat may sound like a long haul but it’s going to be a trip of your life with stories and memories that will never fade.

Islamabad to Taobat 

The total distance from Islamabad to Taobat is around 420-425 kilometers. The travel may sound tiresome but the journey is worth the time as it takes you through a scenic drive unmasking vistas of the changing natural landscapes. You can also make quick stops at Abbottabad, Muzaffarabad, and other locations on the way. 

Muzaffarabad to Taobat

A relatively short drive, the total Muzaffarabad to Taobat distance is 265 – 270 kilometers. This travel ride is filled with natural landscapes, alluring beauty, greenery, and mountains. The Muzaffarabad to Taobat travel is more like a film that showcases what awaits you at your destination. 

Naran to Taobat

From Naran to Taobat you will travel a distance of 147 to 150 kilometers. The journey starts from breathtaking nature views in Naran and takes you to the heaven of lush greenery, God-crafted marvelos mountainscapes, and beautiful countryside. While on your way from Naran to Taobat, you explore the wonders of Kaghan, Lulusar, Babusar, Chilas, and Astak.

Sharda to Taobat 

The road trip from Sharda to Taobat spans 61.5 kilometers following colossal stretches of green valleys in the Dudhial River, historical stories of Sharda’s Peeth temple, and mountainscapes along the way. From exploring sceneries in a jeep to trekking on foot, nature and its unspoken beauty will leave you amazed. 

Kel to Taobat

Starting from Kel to Taobat, the 40.5-kilometer journey is going to be a captivating experience. The travel is nothing but a visual feast of alluring wonders that man can only think of. The road starting from Aragn Kel to Taobat winds up with the Neelum River and takes you on an adventure further filled with cultural heritage and beautiful landscapes. 

Attractions and Activities in Taobat Azad Kashmir

Taobat Azad Kashmir falls in the Sharda district and is the nearest location to the entry point of River Neelum in Pakistan. It is naturally placed alongside the Line of Control (LOC) and the height of Taobat is around 2,500 meters above sea level. Furthermore, the landscapes, awe-inspiring views, and wondrous sightseeing speak for Taobat’s beauty itself. 

Taobat Kashmir is a hidden gem and home to numerous wonders that will grasp and retain your attention throughout your adventure. 

Here’s a list of cool things to see when you visit Taobat. Don’t forget to check them out!

Taobat Waterfall – Where Crystal Clear Water Flows Uninterrupted 

Located around 2 kilometers from the Taobat village is the mesmerizing Taobat waterfall. The crystal clear water flows through wondrous series of rock formations and cascades down into a pool which is open to visitors for swimming and having a cup of tea on shores. The Taobat waterfall is evidence of natural beauty surrounded by an array of mountains with lush greenery all around. 

Trails, Treks, and Passes – Spots for Trekking Enthusiasts

Taobat is the last village in Kashmir and the closest to the Line of Control (LoC). The place is a gateway to trekking and hiking trails. Hence, trekking enthusiasts can do nothing but give the track a try whether it is the Minimarg trail, JRB Lakes Trek, or Kamri Pass. Along the way, hikers can explore remote villages, scattered settings, alluring landscapes, and breathtaking sightseeing. However, trails have some difficulty levels that are not suited for trekkers with less expertise. 

Taobat Village – Home to Cultural and Historical Revelations

Along with offering unique facets of natural wonders, Taobat Pakistan is home to cultural heritage. Within the village, there is a small museum bearing the history, culture, and traditions of the locality. Furthermore, the Taobat village is home to a mosque which is 400 years old and built with traditional wood. 

If you are planning to visit Taobat Pakistan, not only you will be exposed to natural wonders but will avail a chance to connect with the culture and heritage lying within the region for hundreds of years. In addition to sightseeing, you can also partake in festivities and celebrations, engage with local residents, and delve into their indigenous everyday life. 

Accommodations and Hotels in Taobat Kashmir 

Regarding accommodation, Taobat has luxury hotels that offer a blend of comfort and discovering the wonders of nature. Some of the hotels have rooms with windows opening just above the Neelum River while others are middle of the mountainscapes. 

Green Land Guest House 

Green Land Guest House is one of the cheap accommodations in Taobat Kashmir. It is easily accessible from both Taobat Bala and Bailey Bridge. You can pre-book rooms or ask for accommodation on your arrival. The views from its windows include a cloudy sky, lush greenery, and mountains all around. 

Taobat Tent Village

Taobat tent village is unique in its kind. They offer camping pods which take your accommodation closer to the Neelum River. Not just this, you can unwind in the changing Taobat weather and rest amidst nature. 

The charges vary as per your requirements, number of stayers, and days of stay.

Pine Hills Guest House 

Built alongside the Neelum River, the Pine Hills guest house offers a mesmerizing experience where the guests can encounter relaxing sounds made by running waters, birds, and wind. You can ask for their charges or pre-book rooms by contacting them directly. 

The Best Time to Visit Taobat Azad Kashmir is not in Winter

Calling Taobat Pakistan a paradise for nature enthusiasts won’t be an overstatement as every scenery, view, and spot has its identified charm. Sightseeing can not be compared or forgotten and natural discovery is limitless. Every view promises a distinctive experience and that too in the lap of nature. However, due to Taobat weather, limitations may arise in terms of accessibility and accommodation. 

The best time to visit Taobat is between June and September as you can discover how the place blooms and spreads nature glamor in Summer and Spring. Taobat in winter experiences extreme weather conditions as the temperature drops to a drastic – 5 (degree Celsius) and the place is densely covered with snow with land sliding and flooding dangers. 

In a Nutshell

Taobat Kashmir is the escape route for everyone seeking respite from the tiresome daily routines, and hustle and bustle of tough urban life. The sceneries and breathtaking views divert your attention from every other thing and let you wander solely in nature. Taobat is for everyone to visit Whether you are a nature lover, trekking enthusiast, or cultural explorer, it will not let you leave disappointed. 

Taobat promises an enriched and indelible experience that will stay with you even after you leave its tranquil scenery behind and return to your everyday routine. 

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