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Pakistan is a country with snow-capped peaks to vast deserts, from magnificent mosques to ancient ruins and from lush green plains to pristine white beaches, it is a country with diverse landforms and home to a plethora of religious, historical and natural attractions. Come and discover Pakistan with GTP, you'll find everything about the best places to visit in Pakistan!

The Ultimate Guide to the Enthralling Beauty of Pakistan!

Pakistan is home to the celestial beauty and serene landscapes. Whether you want to experience the adventure ride to lush green valleys or want to explore the gigantic deserts, you’ll be amazed by the diversity of Pakistani destinations. Take a deep dive into the exploration of spectacular places to visit in Pakistan!

Gilgit Baltistan – The Land of Gigantic Mountains

With snow-capped mountains and magnificent glaciers, Gilgit Baltistan is home to world’s highest cold desert and some of the highest mountain peaks in the world. Five out of fourteen eight-thousanders are found in this region including K-2, Broad Peak, Nanga Parbat, Gasherbrum I and II. It encompasses the majority of Pakistan’s northern regions which is the top tourist attraction among the tourists. Deep and lush valleys, magnificent waterfalls, historical forts and religious destinations make it a paradise for the tourists and adventure lovers from all over the world. Let’s appreciate the enchanting beauty of Gilgit Baltistan together and explore the best places to visit in northern areas of Pakistan.


Baltit Fort

Astore Valley

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa – The House of Breathtaking Sceneries

The land of gallant Pakhtuns, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, is situated in the northwestern region of Pakistan. The province is treasured with the most famous valleys of Pakistan. It is endowed with stunning natural beauty, scenic crystal blue lakes, serene valleys, abundant forests, and historical landmarks dating back to Gandhara civilization. The remains of great Gandhara civilization attract the archeologists and Buddhists from around the globe. Whatever the purpose is, let’s make your trip to Pakistan the most luxurious experience ever! Travel with us to discover all about the most beautiful places to visit in Pakistan!


Siri Paye


Punjab – The Land of Vivid Culture

Punjab – The land of five rivers, is the most populous province of Pakistan. Its fertile land attracted the people of great civilizations and thus hosts the major civilizations of ancient times. Its unique and colorful collage of cultures make it an attraction for the art lovers and tourists. The tourists visit the area to explore its culture and delish food. Let’s travel together and discover Pakistan with GTP. Let us guide you to the most amazing province of Pakistan and make it way more exciting!


Jallo Park

Neela Sandh

Islamabad – The Serene and Green Capital of Pakistan

Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, is one of the most opulent and well-kept cities in South Asia in the lap of verdant Margalla Hills home to several popular tourist attractions. The city hosts several national monuments amidst the picturesque beauty. The breathtaking beauty in the serene setting calls for exploration of treasured information. Join us on a trip to enjoy the premium travel experience!

Bari Imam

Pakistan Monument

Pir Sohawa

Sindh – The Land of Sufis

Located in the southeast of Pakistan, Bab-ul-Islam – Sindh is Pakistan’s province with incredible geography and rich history. The glorified history of this ancient land has been fossilized by nature in the remains of ancient civilizations. The province is blessed with sun-kissed beaches, the tombs of saints, and the great Indus Valley Civilization and is remarkably significant in the history of Pakistan. The assorted group of minorities make it a diverse cultural hub. Let’s explore the land of Sufis with Team GTP and cherish value added information along with lavish traveling!

Balochistan – The Land of Untapped Splendors

Pakistan’s least populous province Balochistan covers around 46% of Pakistan’s total area. The tourism industry is yet a growing industry, but its spell binding charm and diversified landforms render it the undiscovered gem of Pakistan. Along the Makran Coastline and Gwadar Port, it is home to the spectacular beaches. The potential of this untapped beauty is yet to be explored; why not explore the enchanting beauty of Balochistan with Guide To Pakistan? Let us make this journey of exploring the best places to visit in Pakistan’s largest province more exciting and thrilling for you!

Kashmir – The Land of Fairytales

The splendid state of Kashmir is one of stunning marvels of nature. The poets can’t pen down the beauty of this mesmerizing valley. Its beauty cannot be enjoyed without traveling to this amazing destination; The beauty of this location is beyond imagination and narration. If you are looking for sight-seeing tourist attractions in Pakistan, look no further. Just take a trip with us and unleash the beauty while you travel to the best places to visit in Kashmir, Pakistan!

The Stunning Beauty is Calling, It’s Time to Discover Pakistan with GTP!

TThe panoramic beauty ignites the travel enthusiasts’ urge of exploring awe-inspiring locales. Here are the premium tour packages for amazing destinations. Whether you are looking for the best places to visit in Pakistan in winter, summer or the most suitable weather, you need to discover Pakistan with GTP – the ultimate tour guide Pakistan. Even if you can’t find one that matches your requirements, feel free to get yourself a customized package!

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